Tuesday, August 26, 2003

MSN Name: Yea!!! Heather Bowie is a Solheim Cupper!!!!
Date: August 26, 2003
Time: 11:14

Well various people have threatened to boycott el bloggo due to the frequency of swear words, so I guess for the time being, I'll clean it up a bit (although, for a 16 year olds journal, it hasn't been bad, honestly people!!!)

First, Get well soon to my aunt in law (?) Kellie who has a broken pelvis according to Peta's unblog.

Went to see Le Divorce w/ Alex and Emma a few days ago. It was fine, but not what we were expecting, and honestly not as good as I thought. The Ben and Jerrys that we snuck in w/ us was great though!!!

Applied for more jobs yesterday (Chapters, Monks (Broadmead) Kado and Karch, Staples, Sports store near Staples) and got job applications for Thrifty Foods, and The GVPL page program which pays 9.14/hour... Anyway, I hope someone hires me!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is coming!!!!!!

Plus, I want to go to Greece!!!! More on that later if anything happens....

Had soccer today, it was fun. A few more new people (Bronwyn, Lindsay, Natasha, Lauren) but I knew all of them, so thats good... The team as it stands: (Me, Katie, Maggie, Riley, Heather, Lauren, Bronwyn, Natasha, Lindsay, Annie, Meghan, Kessia, Lara, Denise, Christie, Liz, Roz, and a soon to be procured keeper, plus the people I'm sure I forgot). It should be a sweet team!!!!

Today we did: warm up, possesion square, two moves, (fakeshot/inside toe turn/pull thingy/walkover) and (the move we did in private training friday *thank god!!!- right foot stop, hop over the ball, (1/2 turn) left foot spin/pull.) Its a great move, and dispite my massive doubts on Friday (after Hugh showed me, I was like : You're kidding right!!, I think I might actually use it, he was right, it suits my style of footwork really well, and randomly, I feel pretty confident w/ it.

Then we did fitness (BLAAAAAAGGGGGG) 3 minutes sprint square, 3 minutes of jogging at different paces, 3 minutes of sprint square.

Then we did the turns again, but with shots (thank god my shot is coming back!! missed a couple but not by too much, and they were all generaly powerful. I was making more of an effort to work on my set up, and I think that was helping somewhat....

Then we played some 5v 5 with different rule changes...

Gpa and I had a sweet night tonight!!! He took me out to dinner (whitespot) we trolled at London Drugs, and then went to Bolens to get a guide book on Greece. We're plotting (well, what else is knew!!!!)

Poor Elliot is all depressed because Zena got spayed... He just saw her tonight, and he is really really out of sorts, I just dragged him out of the Bathroom where he was going through the garbage. That is soooo not his style...

Anyway, ttyl

Friday, August 22, 2003

MSN Name: People who pick you up without dropping you straight back down are worth their weight in gold
Date: August 22, 03
Time: 9:34

Well, busy couple of days... On Tuesday, I played jr. golf at the ridge, because soccer was cancelled at the last minute. I shot a 42, which wasn't so good, but the two guys I was with (my age) only shot 40's, soo.... Anyway, I played a follow on round w/ a couple of ladies (beginners) and shot a 39. My putting needs massive improvement!!!!

Wednesday morning at 10:15 its decided that I need to take some clubs over to Vancouver so that Sasch can photograph them. I flew out of my sweats, into my contacts, and tossed my hair up, and managed to fly onto the 11, sprinted off, threw the clubs (SW,6I,3I) at Sasch, and sprinted back onto the 1... Nothing like a trashy trip to make ones day! On the upside, I managed to to read 85% of the Stone Angel for school... It was actually really good...

Ran off the ferry via Dianne (who really must be stalking me!!!) and drove downtown to meet Navina (I'm sorry I was so late!!) at the Bay. We got coffee at Starbucks, and then went to see Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning, and Britney Murphy. It was good, not great but good. Dakota Fanning is the best little actress ever!!!!!!!! Walked Navina to the library to drop off a book, and then drove home, where I promptly collapsed, near death.... Eating only a burger, frappachino, and popcorn all day was NOT a good idea!!!

Thursday, didn't do too much, but had soccer at 4:30. It was the first U21 practice of the year. There were only six or eight of us: (me, mags, kates, emma k, roz, heather, denise, and of course, hugh). It was fun, although I am bloody unfit, and have no touch. Who knew three weeks could screw over a person so much!!! (and who would have thought that I would forget what an absolute PORN STAR katie is!!! haha, always good for a laff, although losing soccer volleyball b/c we were hitting on each other more was so not cool!)

Came home and ate grilled cheese and baked potato w/ grapes... (mmmm carbs lol) and watched Queer Eye for a Straight Guy w/mom which was the fucking funniest show ever, about 5 gay guys who make over the home and person of a decidly straight, manly man... ooooo the possiblilites!!!

Went to visit Dianne today, b/c she got her wisdom teeth out yesterday...We watched about half of Maid in Manhatten, and then I had to go b/c I had private training, which was.... fine... Like a day at the driving range when you don't hit anything longer than a 7I... It was ok, some sweet shots, and several not so sweet shots... Hugh was really nice about it: I wouldn't say your shot was bad.... more a little rusty...lol... anyway.... Sunday will be better. :) I forgot to give him his check/scrapbook pages, but thats ok, maybe I will remember on Sunday...

Met mom at bolens (finally - long story) and did the back to school table which is very colorful if i do say so myself :0. Came home after finishing my embarrasingly ditzy book (does the fact that i'm reading a non fiction book about the dynamics of scouting in baseball even it out? probably not hey?) watched sex and the cituy (soooooooo funny) and am now quasi watching some sketchy bravo movie called the sex theif...

Got a 92% in english today w/ the following comment: Danielle, congratulations on an excellent submission! Your work is well organized, developed and written. You clearly show a thorough understanding of the themes, concepts and plot of Macbeth (yes i'm still submitting assignments on that bloody play!!!) Keep up the great work..... hehe I like my teacher :)

Well tommorow looks exciting, as gymnastics is on tv. no doubt I will alternate between obsessed, depressed and estatic over the next few gym filled days... I need to find a class I can take!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003

MSN Name: 40 at the Ridge... If I hadn't putted 24 times!!!!!... (i stayed dry though!)
Date: August 18, 03
Time: 10:58

So, obviously, went to the ridge today to play the final round on my card... I got out along (by my request) and followed a group of three college age guys. They were all really nice, if a little bit useless :)

I was thrilled to stay dry, and in fact hazard free for the round. I think that for me that might have been a first... What was really realy shitty was putting 24 times!!!! Thats an average of 2.67/hole.... 2 putting, OK, almost three putting, definatly not ok!!!

I felt like I played ok, but still only hit 4 greens, and pulled off 1 par, 5 bogeys, 1 double and 2 triples!!! bleg!!!! if that putting was better.... anyway... I almost chipped in on 6 (the island green) and made a few other nice chips along the way...

Yesterday, went out to the driving range and worked on keeping my head down... It definatly helped b/c I managed to eventually hit SW-4I 5W all cleanly, which hasn't happened recently... I topped the first 4 ish of each club (6i-5w) but then managed to get clean contact the next 4 shots... Anyway, it was good.. Then I went out to the putting/chipping area and spent a good hour and a half out there... It definatly helped my chipping!!!! Putting, well I had a lot of trouble today with reading the speed of the greens - I was on line but short a lot today, I kept expecting them to be faster than they were....

Going out to the driving range tommorow to meet Dianne... I'm planning on working on my half wedges, 5W, and 6-4I's. Anyways.... Tommorow is also the first day of training for U21, and incidently, the first day in three years that I am not dreading soccer starting (league, not school) infact, I'm actually excited! It is a foreign concept to me at this point :)

Also getting new cleats tommorow which is V. exciting. I really really really hope the predators fit me!!!!

anyway... g2g

Saturday, August 16, 2003

MSN Name: OMG My Life is Surreal!! (You spent a car ride with your random g'ma recently? didn't think so)
Date: August 16, 03
Time: 9:40 pm

Just got back from going with mom to drop off and pick up oma and grampy at the Vic. I gather that they went to the magdalene sisters or something like that... I mostly tuned out as oma comments went something along the lines of:

Yup that soldier just wanted to have a little fun with all us girls... Just whipped out his... thing and started tinkling on the covers... (oooookay, so anyways....)

In between the dropping off and picking up we went to Bolens so mom could work. I started a couple of books, one of which is a xmas prezzie, so can't be mentioned :) It is fucking hilarious though!!!

Stu (of miracle beach, comox fame) was down at the store and as randomly wild and hilarious as usual. We are playing golf at the ridge tommorow... Wish me luck!!! :) Hopefully the putting in my bedroom, and the wiffle ball pitching wedging in the backyard will help me out tommorow.. My goal - to only lose one ball....

Otherwise the theme of my life for the last few days has been job application upon job application!!! So far:

Pier One: filled out an application, they might be hiring for xmas, a couple of sales assoc, and 2 cashiers...

Aldo: just filled the stock person position i was applying for but took my resume anyway

Thriftys: the girl said they weren't hiring, but there was a big ass sign on the counter saying they were?

Gap: got and filled in one of their applications, Nicole the manager said she would prolly call in the next 2 weeks when they do their hiring interviews

Nike Store: took a resume, they are hiring

Below the Belt: the manager is maybe interested in hiring me for monday/tuesday days

Smart Set: Not hiring right now, took a resume

Bear Mountain: Todd took a resume, said he would call if they decide to hire anyone else, sounded promising as they are just opening and looking for staff...

whew!! anyway, I hope someone at least calls me for an interview!!!!

off to watch the golf channel and practice some more 3-5 ft putts in my bedroom :)


Thursday, August 14, 2003

MSN Name: I'm still Blogging!: www.limabeanblog.blogspot.com
Date: August 14th, 03
Time: 1:49 am (so I guess thats why it looks like I skipped a day on this here blog then...)

Good God it was another crazy day today!!!
Woke up at 10, because Cyd was being really loud over her rice crispies... Staggerd out, and then back to my room with plans of a nap, which, of course, never happened... Went back into mom's room to read some more of 'she's come undone' and by 11 was fully up...

Started 'brunch' at 11:30 (pancakes, eggs, bacon) *and I wonder why I feel fat today!* and everyone was pretty much done eating by 2ish. Mom Tonya Gpa and I went down to Hilside to get a perscription for O, and for Tonya to get Toby a b-day prezzie. We came home so gpa could be back for his driving lesson at 3:45 (it was fine, if you care) and then at 4 ish (after a power nap) mom, tonya and I went to london drugs to fill the prescriptions, Starbucks to pass the time, and Capers for fruit (yummy!!!!!)

We came back and dumped tonya and then mom and I went BACK into Hilside for a couple of hours of work. Well mom worked, and I read (Screech Owls #17 by Roy McGregor). I also got about 50 pages into Testing Faith DeGilio or something like that... Its good (and yes mom, it is a REAL book :p )

We met everyone else in China town at about 8, and after a quick tour through the neverending store we went to theQV cafe for a snack. Their spanish pie was delicious but warning - it is SPICY!!!

Tonya the girls and I stopped at Wally World on the way home, to get a prezzie for Aly in the toy dept, and then, after chatting the the living room upstairs with mom, gpa, bart, tonya we finally decided to go to bed... Somewhere in there I filled out a scholarship application, but the winner isn't announced till March of next year, and it is only for $1000. Anyway, if I remember, I should try and check out the winner....

Ok, going to try and finish Wally Lamb right now, but I don't see that happening. I might also start a book blog... We'll see...


Tuesday, August 12, 2003

MSN Name: Well I survived the Sea, Now, off to Scratch the Patch.... Skidney... Again...
Date: August 12, 2003
Time: 6:57 pm

Well, yesterday, played the Ridge with Sasch and Bart and Peta. Shot 37 (par 29) but 41 w/ penalties (4 water holes are forever my downfall!!! Anyway, I was pretty happy with that, because my putting wasn't too bad, and except for a couple of disaster holes, I was consistently par or bogey with one birdie...

Also found out about Junior golf, Tuesdays from 4 - 5:30 (except that now conflicts with soccer, doh!) but if I get a chance I'm going to go out and play. The girl in the pro shop was very nice, and had just got back from playing college golf in the states on scholarship (if I could have her life please, and thank you!!)

Also played poker for the third time in my life last night with Sasch and Peta (great game btw!!!) We played 5 card draw and 7 card stud. I prefered 7 card stud b/c it was slower, and I won :)

Today, Mom and I pluys the Roys made a trek out to Wiffen Spit on the West Coast. I just dumped a blanket on the beach and read, and then when they all went out fell asleep for an hour or so... (great, but burned thighs not so nice!!) I was only woken up my mom and co. shouting at me b/c there was a great big sea otter playing about 30 yds away from me. He was soooo cute!!!!

Brit and Cyd collected lots of shells and stuff and even got a star fish which was pretty much the goal of their expedition...

I took another 2 rolls to add to my collection (13 undeveloped rolls and counting) and then, after a quick walk ont he Point no Point Beach (the guy in the restaurant looked a little worried when he saw us walk in, so we didn't eat there)

We went to the country cupboard for lunch. It was soooooooooooo good!!!! Mom and I split a cajun chicken ceaser (spinach and mixed greens) and brushetta (sooo fresh!!) Cyd and Brit shared clams even though I don't think either of them really liked them, they just really really wanted some (?) and Bart and Tonya shared the seafood combo... Between all of us we shared the following cheesecakes and desserts: Chocolate Berry, Fresh Berry Crunch (my fave), Banana Caramel (too sweet!), and Strawberry Pie... We also brought oma home a piece of fresh berry crunch...

If anyone wants to go (and you should!!!) its a swiss chalet style place in the 'town' of Shirley, just past Sooke, and Before Point No Point. Reseve for dinner, but not for lunch. 7 days a week... Prices like Earls... (Do I sound like and add or what?)

Anyway, on the way back mom and I stopped at the library so I could pick up a reserved video for school, and then quickly did the barn. We are now waiting for Bart and Co, to appear, because they want to go up to Scratch Patch in Sidney, and Gpa and I are going with them....


Monday, August 11, 2003

MSN Name: I repeat: I Am NOT having kids!!!
Date: August 11, 03
Time: 1:31 pm

Oh my god!!! this is too many people to have in one small house. Don't get me wrong, I love em all, but for someone who doesn't like little kids, 4 extras is really plenty!

Yesterday Brit and Cyd each went on a ride on Tony. I didn't watch Brit, but Cyd did really well on Tony. He definatly knew who was boss there, and didnt even try and eat or anything.

We all met up at Matticks farm for lunch (bbq chicken wrap w/ potato salad) and except for oma being perpetually confused as too which of our two tables was hers, it was great...

Cydney and I ended up making a vanilla chiffon cake. It was going to just be a cake, but then Cyd decided she wanted it to be a big surpise. We hid it in the fridge, and told everyone we were making cookies. In the end, peta took us to get icing, and then we covered the middle with blackberries and blueberries in a circle of birthday candles.

After dinner (bbq) cyd and i lit the candles and carried the cake out with the card on it.

oh - g2g for golf, will write more later...


Sunday, August 10, 2003

MSN Name: My Life is Freakishly Crazy - 8 Extra People!!!
Date: August 10. 03
Time: 12:08 AM

OMG!!!! What a crazy couple of days!!! Cirque du Soleil was amazing!!! Too much to describe in detail but we all had a totally awesome time!!! My favourite part was the tumble trac, and I really really really want to go to Cirque camp now!!!! There was a little boy about 7 who was soooooo cute!! He is sooo lucky to live that life!!! Anyway, still want to join the Cirque, but thinking it might be as a soda puller...

Anyway, got up early again today, and tried to make pancakes for the kiddies, unfourtuanatly, Peta's cookbook had an error in it, and they were disgustingly baking soda-y... Cereal it was...

We chatted to Pete on the webcam/audio for a bit, and then Sasch, and co. went to the ferry to redeem their reservation. However, Bart and Tonya were AWOL, and so we didn't end up getting to the ferry until the 4pm! and we barely made that one at all!!!

After getting home (finally!) at 6 ish Bart dealt with the trailer while Mom, Brit and Cyd saw the horses, and I started dinner... We had a huge BBQ - yummy!!! we were all completely stuffed afterwards!!!

Mom took B and C down to the barn pretty early - like 9:30 and the rest of us just stayed up and chatted till about 11:30...

Tommorow (today?) Maybe including: gym, riding, golf, swimming.... who knows


Thursday, August 07, 2003

MSN Name: Gone to Allegria - Oh my freaking God!!!!
Date: August 7th, '03
Time: 9:25 pm

So, I got to Vancouver today on the 10. I did about half an hour of homework on the ferry, and then read for the rest of the trip. I'm reading 'She's come undone' By Wally Lamb. Its very good, if a little bit screwed up...

Anyway, Sasch and Aly picked me up, and we made a convienient lunch stop at McD's to avoid ferry traffic. Really, I'm thinking that Sascha was just hungry :)

Tonya and co, called at about 12:30 to tell us that they wouldn't be here until 5:30, so Peta and I went out to do some grocery shopping, and also to get some belated b-day prezzies for britt and cyd. We got them window writers, travel Guess Who? and embroidery thread for friendship bracelets from the weirdest, cheapest craft store I have ever been in.

We got back at about 4:15, and then at about sasch went out for a Tim Ho's run. They both got home at the same time about 5:30... We hung out for a bit with their dog out on the grass and then decided to go for a swim.. I took Aly, and the Tonya and Bart came in with Brit and Cyd. Aly was way better in there than I thought - a totally brave water baby!!

Then Tonya went and had a nap in the trailer, and we came up for grilled cheeses, small oven pizza, and donuts... Now, we're just hanging out and chatting, Toby's in bed, and Tonya is about to be roused from her nap i think...

Tommorow: Splash Park in the Am, Mom picked up at 2pm, and then all the allegrian's are off to allegria!!! I'm so excited!!!!!


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

MSN Name: OMG That was one freaky Greek dude!!!
Date: August 6, '03
Time: 6:09 pm

So, went into Bolens with mom, finished Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks even though I new what happened (Note: Do not read the FAQ's on his website if you don't want to know what happens in his books!!!)

Anyway, all was well until I went out to the food court, after deciding I didn't really want to eat anything I started to walk back to Bolen's when this older (50's?) guy who was splayed out on one of the swivilling stools by McD's beside his electric wheelchair/scooter asked me where I got my shoes(?) I said Vancouver... he wants to know what store - ok, a sports store in metrotown (these are my beat up adidas cross trainers...) did i like Vancouver - all the tall buildings and stuff? Yea, I guess so...

So then he asks me to sit down.. I figured he was just a lonely disabled guy, and since we were in a public place I sat down... Sometimes this sort of person is just really lonely, and chatting with them for awhile can make their day you know?

Anyway, it turns out his name was Paul and he's from greece. He used to drive a cab because he was never unemployed b/c unemployment is only 700/mth. Anyway, he used to make 100/day. 50 for him and 50 for the business. Plus he did and i quote "tricks for tips" wtf is that!!!!!!!!!

He wants to know where I am from (here, pretty much) where do i live (up island, about 40 minutes - cause your going to find out where i live!!!) So then he tells me this is one of the biggest islands in the world, after greenland, and not counting the continents...

He keeps trying to buy me a drink, or food, and then pretend crying when I refuse, REPEATEDLY, to beocome in ANYWAY indebted to him...

Then, he wants to know if I am naughty... Um - No!

Then, he wants to no if i was born in Victoria, so I told him no, Saltspring.. Vesuvius? No, Ganges (where the hospital is dumbass) He tells me he knew a naughty girl on saltspring who lived in a shack and did some version of teabag reading, but with coffee... She also did tricks for tips...

He keeps touching my hand, offering to buy me food, and telling me i have a nice smile... ugh...

Then he tells me it is in a mans nature to hunt women, and that they are scared, but then when the man catches them it is his job to make them less timid...

Anyway, I was trying to find a good excuse to leave by this point, but when he stared down my shirt, made appreciatve noises, and asked if i would be back tomorrow, I told him that i needed to meet my mom. He was like mom - i'll buy you food... I was like no, my mother. I need to go meet her - NOW. He just kept staring at me and pretend walking away as I booted it back to Bolens to hide in the back... ugh!!!!!

Currently trying to find mom's digital camera so I can take a picture for Sasch. If anyone has any karmatic ideas, let me know!!!


Tuesday, August 05, 2003

MSN Name: Just call me Martha
Date: August 5, '03
Time: 11:18 pm

So, I ended up going to Starbucks with grampy and then we went grocery shopping at Thrifty's. I got:

Eggs, bread, buns, hotdogs, baggies, frozen veg, potatos, onions, 16lbs of watermelon, apples, crackers, jam, sausages, pork cutlets, and some other good things...

I LOVE grocery shopping so it go me all inspired to cook... I came home and made waffles, a lasagna, and breakfast burritos: (sausage, pan fried potato w/ 2 kinds of onion, cheese, bacon, and scrambled eggs in tortillas), all to freeze, though I did try a waffle and breakfast burrito, both were great!!!

Sascha also called to let me know that Tonya and Co. are arriving in Vancouver at the very earliest tommorow, and most likely the day after. Thats good, since we are going to Allegria
on Friday, and it would be bad if they missed it. For interested parties, the video clip ad can be seen here.

Sasch also mentioned the possibility of sailing on the boat that he partly owns (it lives in England) next year, when it moves to the mediterranian. That would be super sweet, but right now, is obviously pretty unlikely... Here's to hoping though!!!

MSN Name: What is it about Grilled Cheese?
Date: August 5th, '03
Time: 5:48 pm

So, Just got back from doing the barn. Breezy and Tony are cute as usual, though Breezy is SOOOO bloody annoying when you are trying to clean her stall - she constantly follows you around and tries to play tag, get scratches, and generally spends a LOT of time in your way.

Yago (the little tabby barn cat that oma still doesn't know exists) is also very cute, she now runs around outside when anyone is working out there, and terrorizes the dogs by hiding under the turned over wheelbarrow. I'm worrried about one of the horses stepping on her, but for now, she seems to get out of their way quickly... Positivly, I'm not quite so terrified of her right now, but if she is in a crazy mood I still get the hell away from her.

Sooo, mom and I did end up making it out of the house - we went to the library with oma's library card (it turned up since my last post) and reserved Macbeth the video. Hopefully it should come in from Esquimalt in a couple of days...

Then we ended up in McDonalds (why do my vows of abstinance never make it past 2-3 weeks?!?!) where I got lunch, and mom got a coffee, and we both got to work... She used my laptop and for some reason it took almost 5 minuites to regonize the power supply and turn on... anyway, it starting working, and she got some work done on 'war' while I did art.

I actually got quite a bit done: the black color blocking on my xmas informal balance enlargement, and the 4 pencil sketches that incorporated types of lines - (horizontal contrasted with perpendicualar), (curving lines suggesting rythym), (harsh jagged lines or curves), and (oblique lines). It was a fun assignment, as they ended up turning out to be rather abstract, and I don't usually do absract stuff...

Off to make some grilled cheese for dinner, and continue working on art. I should prolly also clean the kitchen, as I have managed to put that off today thus far, I also REALLY wish I could sort out the links on the side of the page, but alas, so far no luck...


MSN Name: Why is it we always crave something we can't have?
Date: August 5, '03
Time: 2:15pm

So, after a wholly unproductive morning:

10:40 - Alex calls me, but doesn't actually want to talk b/c she was trying to call her grandparents. This is fine, b/c I am asleep after groggily shoving a tape in the VCR so that I can watch Oprah's makeover show when I have more time/energey

10:50 - Eat oatmeal, curse lack of milk

10:52 - Eat pear, curse lack of pop

11:00-1:30 - Read and Finish Hybrids by Robert Saywer (see post below)

*12:30* - Alex Leaves for Camp w/ cousins :(

1:30-2:00- have crying wailing fit over lack of cheese, pop and general cash flow, also lack of productivity so far, and disapperance of Macbeth Video Two for English

2:00 - Finally pull it somewhat together, discover no one in my house has an active library card (no renting Macbeth from the gvpl then) and that Grampy can't come out for coffee

2:15 - convinve mom that if she takes my laptop she can keep working on the War in the Tarragon Woods (something like that anyway) and I can do some homework while getting the hell out of the house...

2:16 - decide to take The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence (English), and some art

2:20 - Try to add links to my blog on the side (sorry guys, as soon as I can get that going, I will...)

2:24 - we're finally almost gone, mom is just reading this, (hi mommy!) and then I'm going to be productive AND get out of the house!!!!!

MSN Name: Hybrids: You should read it
Date: August 5th, '03
Time: 1:03 pm

Well, I just finished the Roberty Saywer book that I started last night. It was so good! It isn't actually out until September, but we got it as an advance reading copy... If you are interested, you should read the first two books in the trilogy...

I'm currently pissed off due to the lack for food in this house: no milk, bread, cheese, salad dressing, yogurt, margarine, flour, bannanas, apples, juice or pop. I mean honestly, what on earth are you supposed to make that is easy and healthy with out those essentials, especially when you are craving grilled cheese sandwiches (not so healthy, but....)

Tonya, Brit, Cyd and Bart are coming soon which is exciting, and on friday we are going to Cirque du Soleil's Allegria!!! (Thanks Pete!) Its going to be a fun slumber party at Sascha's with all of us (except Bart) camping out on the living room floor. :)

I'm going to try and fix the links to the side of my page, and maybe clean the kitchen a bit so I can try and create something out of nothing... I also REALLY need to find and watch the second video of Macbeth, so I can do the stupid scene viewing log and submit section 3.2... Also need to complete a couple of art things so I can bundle them up and submit a wack of work today....

MSN NAME: Stupid Bloody Pump!!!!
Date: August 5, '03
Time: 8:17 (That's AM people!)

So woke up today to my stupid pump beeping at me, somehow I miscalculated a bit, and it ran out of insulin this morning. Sitting here waiting for it to finish priming so I can stick it in and go back to bed before Oprah at nine.

The book by Robert Saywer, if anyone is wondering is great (well the first 150 pages anyway) so I'll need to continue with that as well when I crawl back into bed...


Monday, August 04, 2003

MSN Name: Check out my fledgling blog - www.limabeanblog.blogspot.com
Date: August 4 '03 (still)
Time: 11:29

Well, I just realised that the date on my first entry is completely wrong, but that's basically the alternate definition of a vacation right? I mean, according to merriam webster, a vacation is: a : a scheduled period during which activity (as of a court or school) is suspended, but to me, its really just a time warp where all of your good intentions (diet, housework, homework, cleaning, friends, family, travel, jobs) go to pot, and you live in a time warp.

That aside, Just got back from Vancouver today on the 3 o'clock ferry. Went over on Saturday for the IKEA Richmond Garagesale. Over the two days scored a few sweet kitchen utensils, and a nice plant pot or two. Nothing major though.

Aly and Toby very cute as usual, also as energetic and work requireing as usual. Very tired after being jumped on both mornings before nine to start playing/eating/tickling/hiding/jumping etc... Love em to bits though!!!

Played a round of golf (quite possibly my first full 18) at the Richmond Pitch n' Putt. It was a very cute course!! I was pretty happy with my play, recovered a couple of bad tee shots, hit some greens - 4 pars, 10 bogeys, 2 doubles, and embarrasingly, 2 triples. I got one shot per hole on Sasch, and we ended up tying the second nine.

We got paired up on the second nine with a very random Dad and his yound boy. They were nice enough, but the Dad was so worried about speed of play!! This is a pitch n' putt for godsake! The intention was good though, and they were fine playing partners. The ankle flick the two of them had though! - Like Father Like Son!!!

Anyway, it was fun, and then afterwards we went to IHOP for dinner. Oh God!!!! They forgot our order somehow or something like that, so we had to wait for ages, with the two kiddies, and we were all SO hungry!! Dinner was good though - I had a club w/ side salad. I think we should have a got a free dessert out of the deal though.

Today - Quick park trip, grilled cheese sarnies, half a bucket at the driving range (who knew my head moved that much - glad to have a possible reason for all the thinnning of my utility clubs recently) and a long cell phone conversatin with alex (sorry mommy!!) She is finally back from Tuson, Banff, Kananaskis, and wherever else she was.... Unfourtunatly, she is leaving again for camp tommorow (yup, thats a grand total of like 28 hours in Victoria) for three weeks. I might get to see her weekends though....

Anyway, We met up today (with her cousin (?) Anna) at Silvercity to watch American Wedding. It was Very funny in a horrible frat boy completely crass humor sort of way...

Actually, we were supposed to see Pirates of the Carribean, but they were 30 minutes late, so AW it was, with a later start time... Anyway, i'm kinda glad, b/c although I wanted to see Kiera Knightly (BILB) I thought it was going to be scary, and we all know how much I love scary movies :p.

So that pretty much takes us to right now. Mom took Oma and Grampa out for their 42nd Anniversary tonight (nothing says love like McD's, and Seabiscuit at the Star Cinema!) Anyway, I guess they had fun, even if oma was apperantly not as enthusiastic as in other years... I guess the importance never really clued in or something?

Anyway, whatever - Congrats you guys!!!!

Alright, I'm going to bed now, have an advance reading copy of the third book int he Hominids Trilogy by Robert Sawyer, that I really MUST go attend too!!!!

MSN NAME: American Wedding is SOOOOO Funny!
Date: August 4th, '03
Time: 11:24 pm

Welcome to my blog! Thinking about it, I'm not sure why I haven't started one up to this point? Anyway, i'm jumping onto the bandwaggon, because after all, better late than never, right?

I used to consider my ever revolving msn name to be my mini-blog, but you know, I really just need a more permanent solution to storing my blathering drivel. There for, limabeanblog (don't ask - no bloody idea) has been born tonight.

I will continue to change my msn name at all times, and tie it into my blog, as above. So, off to change my msn name, and come up with a not quite so introductory bloggett (is there a technical term for that?)


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