Wednesday, October 22, 2003

MSN Name: The average income in Lindsay is $5400 yearly... Over 50% of children under grade 8 have cancer in some parts of the valley

Date: Oct 22/2003
Time: 12 32am

WAHAHAHAH I didn't write for ages!!!!! bleg!!! well anyway, all of you who told me to clean up my act are responsible for crushing my creativity :P

So, back from Lindsay, where I went w/ gpa to the californina mural symposium. Lindsay is a complete dive of a town, with many many problems, more to come when I don't have to get up in six hours for school :)

Met the coooooolest people though! Dave and Sue who are both photographers/graphic artists. Dave is a fashion photographer for nordstroms, neiman markus, etc, shoots for kohler sinks (*soooo jelous!!!) did makeup on planet of the apes, is involved in tv/movies, is CEO of a inspirational speaking/publishing company, etc etc...

Sue is an artist for the disney galleries, and one of 3 freelance artists represtented by them. she does photoimpressionism w/ sx 70 poloroid and photoshop. she is one of the top 2 sx 70 people, the top photoshop artist, and according to the president of kodak eastman has taken phot tinting to a new level...

they are sooo nice! they know so much about all sorts of cool stuff, obviously, but they put up w/ me stalking them all week lol (well not a hell of a lot goes on in lindsay so its ok)... haha

one way or another they're doing my grad photos in their studio :) - they really want to move up here to vic in the near future, so i'm sending them some info on the city, in return for a cd w/ photos fom the symposium on it in a flipbook thingy lol...

nyway, more later, i promise i'll write more than i did!!! haha


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