Sunday, February 29, 2004

MSN Name: and the winner is... LOTR (x11) Maddie are you happy tonite?
Date: Feb. 29th 2004 (LEAP DAY!!!!)
Time: 9:50 pm

And on the Oscars, btw - Yawn, LOTR, double yawn (ducking desperatly from Maddie, Maggie, Katie, Hugh, etc etc etc)
Happy Leap Day everyone, still wishing today was my b-day, it seems that if i'm not going to have parties or anything anyway, i might as well have a good excuse for it.. So, to the 22 million weirdos out there, happy birthday

picked out my grad dress a few days ago, or the pattern anyway, seems I'll probably go to the GNS grad, a few people have asked me to go, so I think i will, esp b/c I won't get a grad. I wonder how I'll feel not grading w/ everyone. I'm sure I won't care, but I'm not looking forward to answering the ??'s

anyway, the pattern is here : http://www.simplicity.com/designFrame.cfm?designId=9040&design=5235

(didn't I mention? I'm making it!) I'm going to go to Chintz and get fabric there. I really want bone/ivory silk for the main part, ideally w/ embroidered butterflies or dragonflies, and then soemthing like a deep red or orange for the back part. I'm very excited!! I'm going to try and do it really slowly, and mom definatly will be helping me a lot! (have you ever tried to pin your own seams? its not pretty)

I've been sewing a lot recently - 2 skirts, shorts, 2 pairs of floods, a sleeveless haltertop, a sarong/tie thing to go over one of the SEE THROUGH pairs of floods, and my latest project, a light grey wool duffel coat i got at value village and am vastly alterig - took it up about 2 ft, taking it in, changing the buttons, adding trim, re working the collor etc. at 7.99, its not a big risk all around...

Sooooo tons of soccer (cause what else is new) a little worried b/c at the game today my shin injury from before xmas started to act up. I'm going to try and get a physio appt. at some point tommorow b/c the Gorge game is this saturday and I HAVE to be able to play... plus, i just have tons of soccer. as long as i can't do permanent damage, i don't care. for instance tho, tommorow i have soccer from 2 15- 5, and then from 6 30- 8. its basically like that the whole week

GNS soccer has started which is why i'm soooooo busy. however, slight issue in that i'm not playing for claremont. we need to find some reason why i'm playing for gns and not for claremont. i'm just waiting for the house of cards to come crashing down and not let me play. fuck that.

ummm in other february news - mom almost died (not so good, but she's fie now.) - check out her blog to read more.

on friday went to Debbie Travis which was sooooo good!!! went to the home and garden show first, and met her, she was soooooo nice!! such a sweetie!! then i went over to her show, glad i got there soooo early - i got great seats. she was soooo funny! such a brit, and great humor, tons of sexual innuendos lol...

anyway.... thats about it i guess... not too much to report...

Sunday, February 01, 2004

MSN Name: Joey we need to do a design day soon
Date: Feb 1st/04
Time: 11 38 pm

Spent the evening designing and working on Sheffield stuff. Feeling more generous to soccer (ya, i would prolly miss it a bit) and a little less gym deprived (tho i still want to go for an hour/week)
MSN Name: No idea, it won't let me on to change it
Date: Feb. 1/2004
Time: 9:12 pm

Oh god I just watched Perfect 10 on CNN a documentary about gymnastics. I had no idea i missed it soooooo much!!!! like crying the entire time i'm watching it much.... Vic Gym has a homeschool thing where i can go once/week for an hour and just basically mess about... its like 29/mo. I really really really want to do it b/c I only have time for that, but at least i could do it a bit, and be back in a gym.

I wonder what I could still do? basically nothing on beam, vault and bars lol, but up to a year ago i was still throwing ariels, ro,bh/bh, or ro/bh/bt and stuff like that. The adult program sounds sooooo good!!! m/w for a couple of hours, and focuses on floor and tramp which is what i want to do the most. its a bit of a conflict w/ soccer but i could prolly work it out...

its sooo weird how much i miss it. I could probably quit soccer tommorow on not really care, tho this year i kind of want to make the bc team (but no one hold their breath, i'm not even id'd yet this year) but i mean i like it and i'm fairly decent, but its not the same thing. Its not like in 10 years i'll cry every time i watch it (or watch it period).

also still desperatly looking for a job, really really really shitty. so depressed about it all, and if anyone mentions it.....

ugg lost a contact

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