Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MSN Name: sakkaa ii desu ne
Date: Feb. 23rd, 2005
Time: 10:48 pm

Wow, k, its been a long time, but thats ok... lots has been going on, though doesn't it always!? Oms moved out on Dec. 23, 2004 to San Pen, which is much better for all of us (except maybe grampa) bit we're enjoying the freedom, and she's getting better care, so thats probably all good..

I'm now a Stelly's Stinger, doing grade 12 (again? more?) at Stelly's... I better bloody graduate in June lol (history is a bugger tho!) This sem. i have IDS art 12, lit 12, japanese 11 and psych 12. They're all great, except psych, which is pretty boring since noone wants to be there, the teacher has never taught it, and therefore knows nothing, and the TA in there is really condescending and frustrating. Comments like 'who's mozart' by some of the geniusses (probably spelled wrong lol) in my class are helping things much either. Mom thinks i should drop, but i'm not sure b/c i don't think iw ould actually get any more work done in history if i didn't have psych b/c it is a 4th block class...

Still doing ASL w/ christine, except now we do it at the otehr christine (we have two new people!) and crystal's houses, alternating. we also only go once a week, and even thats a struggle... we're all so tired! christine started working (more than once a month lol) and i'm back at school, so no more starbucks runs on tuesday am.

I basically like being at school, esp. art and lit, but i also feel sooo out of place there and ready to get the hell out of there. I don't want to be at a 'different place in my life' :s... I def. want to be like 25 right now. at least, but still in uni lol, just no w/ the 'amazing' people who go to stellys (or are 18 in general)....

Hugh's b-day is tommorow, so at soccer today (g-hood div one women) we surprised him with: a single cupcake (from kimber) cookies (from briony) a card (from all of us) a card shaped like a penis (from kimber), a decorated board (kimber, katie g, dee, and briony) and a chelsea tracksuit (all of us)... it was great :) we played world cup pretty much allnight which was sooooooo funny "Dee, you can't touch her THERE", "The Spidey has Fallen!" if we win the next two games and therefore the league, we've been promised a 100% world cup practie (with costumes) Riley and i are brigning out the life jackets :) nothing like compressed foam to boob it in the net...

k, carpal tunel setting in, i'm heading to bed (well 7th heaven, but same differnece)



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